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بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

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Sharifa. 08.11.1993 Singapore

I take interest in good vibes, & love friendly souls! DISLIKE fakers and drama people.
I'm into music, photography, and art.
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I ♥ allah (s.w.t) more den anything in tis world, & Prophet Muhammad (May peace & blessings be upon him) is my guidance in life! :D

You guys can spot me literally anywhere @freshlikeflower

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Hari Raya outfit No.2! Something different this year, SAREE!! #afterZillionYears #MyChoice #LovingIt #designerSaree #thanksBro #swagIsmath

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Eid mubarack and happy holiday to everyone!!!
Its the time of the year for muslims around the world.
May our lives be as blessed as the month of ramadan.
May the mercy of allah swt be showered on us.
#DontForgetTheNeedy #give #Fitra #seekForgiveness #loveOneAnother #SpreadThePeace

Mum’s signature pineapple tarts!
#kueh #ramadan2014

Love is in the air! Eid’ul Fitr to all my muslim friends! Happy visiting guys! Eid is not just about receiving, but it’s about giving. #eid2014 #cookies #tarts #kuieh #freshlikeflower #lights

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Today I learned that having the internal sight is much more important than having an external sight. “A blind eye is better than a blind heart”. Have HUMINITY. In the age of Dajjal, if you depend ONLY on external observation and rational investigation to formulate your judgement, you’re going to be WRONG. Hence you will have to pay a terrible price for it. The time we are living now is very tricky. We don’t know which scholar is telling the truth of islam, who is following sunnah? Well its not that hard, if we see thier intentions. (Though allahu alaam is aware of thier intention, we can feel the LOVE from the righteous person) All we have to do is tune our heart to the correct signals. Don’t follow anyone based on thier physical appearance. Even satan was superior among angels. He believed and pray to god, but he didn’t love his prophet; thus he was thrown away to hell. The roots of all acts must be for one & only allah swt, and the way we do it should have the love for his propehts and awliyas.

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My first cheesecake (by zykloid)

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Sunset over the Clouds

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The apple could have been done better… hmmmm..

A mini farm in my class..

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The Letter NunMontreal, 17/06/2013

The letter nun in Arabic (ن) resembles an ink-pot which ‘contains’ the ink with which the archetypes of all beings are written upon the Guarded Tablet. This letter also resembles a ship which carries the possibilities of a particular cycle of manifestation upon the ‘ocean of non-existence’. The fifteenth century Persian Sufi scholar Kamal al-Din Husayn Kashifi, in his Quranic commentary, relates the letter nun to the first letter of light (al-nur) which was the first reality created by God according to the narration, ‘the first thing that God created was light’, and the last letter of al-Rahman, the Divine Mercy, by virtue of which all creation was brought forth.” 

Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Islamic Art and Sprituality